Choosing the right hard water magnets
Magnetic Water Softeners can be very easily installed
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Water Descalers

Looking for water descalers that work without the use of electricity, fuel, chemicals or salt?  Aqua Magna’s water magnet removes mineral build-up and reduces scale in an easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner.

How scale gets there

Scale is the white coating created when surfaces are in contact with hard water.  This hard, chalky deposit found on fixtures and kitchenware, as well as pipes, is created when dissolved minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium – enter your water system. 

The job of magnetic water descalers

Magnetic water descalers have the unique ability to change the ionic form of hard water molecules, keeping them from crystallizing and forming lime scale.  In effect, water becomes fresher without the use of salt or chemicals.

In addition to preventing and removing scale build-up, magnetic water descalers:

  • Reduce surface tension
  • Increase water flow and pressure
  • Protect valuable equipment
  • Save energy with scale-free heat transfer
  • Require no plumbing or cutting of pipes
  • Use no electricity or maintenance to operate
  • Never need replacement

Feel free to visit our How Hard Water Magnets Work page to discover more about the functioning of magnetic water descalers.

Magnetic water descalers - easy usage and cost-efficiency

Aqua Magna provides magnetic water softeners that are both easy to install and use as well as cost-effective.  Here are three reasons why:

  • Our water descalers’ clamp-on feature allows them to be portable.  Note: using them in different places throughout your system can create different effects.  Visit our Easy Installation page for more information.
  • The need for expensive plumbing adjustments is avoided.
  • They require no electricity or fuel for operation.

We guarantee you’ll save money if you protect your water and your property from destructive scale build-up.  For more information and for pricing, contact Aqua Magna. Privacy | Copyright ©   AquaMagna, Ontario, Canada  Site designed and maintained by WSI.