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AquaMagna hard water treatment system

Magna-Tek's AquaMagna no-salt magnetic water softener inexpensively helps solve most hard water problems.  Our hard water treatment solution is often referred to as a saltless or no-salt water softener because no salt or chemicals are required.  In most cases, the Magna-Tek saltless magnetic water softener replaces the need for any other home water treatment or well water treatment solutions.

The AquaMagna simple water softener alternative fights hard water  ....without salt or chemicals!

Simply fastens on water pipes:

  • prevents formation of scale build up
  • removes existing scale
  • totally maintenance free
  • protects valuable equipment
  • Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
  • portable, easy to install (no plumbing or cutting of pipes)
  • no electricity or maintenance to operate
  • Saves money year after year....while protecting the environment

Hard Water Treatment

No salt or chemicals REQUIRED

  • Installs on your water pipe in seconds.

  • No tools or plumbing required.

  • Lasts forever.

Magnetic Hard Water Treatment -  without salt or chemicals