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How does it work

​The Science behind the AquaMagna Saltless Magnetic Water Softener

Magnetic fluid conditioning (otherwise known as magnetohydrodynamics or MHD) is nothing new.  In the mid-eighteen hundreds, British scientist Michael Faraday made an important discovery:  water flowing past a conductive material generates an electrical charge.

The AquaMagna Hard Water Solutions saltless magnetic water softener is based on this very principle.  Our high-strength barium ceramic magnets create a powerful magnetic field.   When water flows past the powerful water magnets, it magnetizes the flowing fluid and disrupts the natural bonding of water molecules—altering the structure of the scale-forming minerals.

So when using the AquaMagna saltless magnetic water softener, the magnetic water changes the ionic form of hard water contaminates like calcium carbonate. And, through simple physics, keeps these particulates from crystallizing or in the form of lime scale. Instead, these molecules remain suspended in the water flow while it passes through your plumbing system.

Despite its simplicity, however, magnetohydrodynamics is just beginning to gain popularity in North America. Advanced technology has led to stronger, more effective magnets. Continued study of this natural phenomenon has also enabled us to utilize its full potential.