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established in 1995.


For the past 24 years, Magna-Tek Systems has been manufacturing the AquaMagna brand of industrial, commercial and residential Magnetic Hard Water Treatment products.

We are a Canadian-based company, specializing in manufacturing permanent, maintenance-free magnetic water conditioning systems for home and industry.  

Magna-Tek has been adapting magnetic (free-energy) technology for the treatment of hard water.  Cost effective, natural, pollution free and safe, Magna-Tek's non-chemical system provides a practical permanent solution to hard water and corrosion problems.  With huge savings on industrial applications such as boilers, cooling towers and related water process equipment, local Governments and industries are installing these systems with tremendous economic benefit.

Available for both industrial and residential use, these magnetic systems naturally condition the water, reducing/eliminating the need for costly and harmful chemicals.  We are excited that there is an effective, non-chemical alternative to treating the water - where we can achieve the benefits and characteristics of soft water.  Lasting virtually forever, maintenance free, and with no parts to replace or power to operate, these revolutionary clamp-on systems make hard water behave like soft water, thereby reducing surface tension, de-scaling water lines and increasing water flow and pressure.

What makes this product so appealing is it's performance and affordable cost.  The same technology can be applied to hydrocarbon fuels in automobiles, natural gas boilers and heaters.  Once exposed to a properly-focused magnetic field, fuels are energized and burn more completely and efficiently...... while dramatically decreasing harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

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